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Project Management Simulation Workshop | Innovative-e
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Project Management Simulation Workshop

Location: Microsoft Sri Lanka
22 Floor, Access Tower II Colombo 02

Microsoft Project Management Simulation Workshop, held on the 24th of January 2019, was an experiential workshop on how an organization can transform and innovate business processes with PPM: breaking down silos; creating high performance project teams; manage time better; and reduce budget overruns etc.

The workshop was conducted by Shaun Lim, Senior APAC Project Solutions Specialist at Microsoft and Ruwan Fernando, Managing Director and Founder of Innovative-e Sri Lanka.

Shaun Lim conducted an interactive session that included a simulation with lots of role-playing activities. The simulation opened the eyes of the attendees to the importance of strategic alignment of project selection decisions, visibility for productive decision making and how to take control of resource management to achieve results.

The Innovative-e team then presented the Microsoft PPM Platform and how it helps organizations overcome the problems identified during the simulation though strategic decision-making, introducing governance processes, providing stakeholder visibility and providing enterprise-wide resource management to the PMO.

Team Innovative-e had an amazing time being a part of this!!