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Edison365 Ideas

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Have your lightbulb moment! Harness the power of crowdsourcing – ideation anytime, anywhere

​​​Innovative-e is proud to be the first and only US partner offering Edison365 Ideas to help you harness the power of crowdsourcing to stay on the cutting edge as the business world changes. Edison365 Ideas gives you the tool for ideation anytime, anywhere.

Edison365 Ideas is cloud-hosted Idea and Innovation Management software built on top of your existing Office365 platform, offering secure access and seamless integration with:
  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • ​Delve
  • PowerBI

Empower your organization with the power to innovate

Why Edison365 Ideas

Say goodbye to the suggestion box! Edison365 Ideas empowers you to engage employees, maximize your investments, provide better services and products, and adapt your business as the business world evolves.

​Engage your employees by turning their ideas into reality! Edison365 Ideas provides a single, unified way to capture, evaluate, rate, and select ideas submitted by members of your organization. Stakeholders can set challenges for employees, who in turn can submit their suggestions and vote on others’ suggestions. Edison365 Ideas offers a responsive, customizable UI that works on computers, tablets, and mobile devices to let you and your employees capture and manage ideas anytime, anywhere.