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The Business Value of Microsoft PPM | Innovative-e
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The Business Value of Microsoft PPM


Deliver Winning Projects

Make project management easier and collaborate from virtually anywhere with the right tools for project managers, project teams and decision makers. Project Online now supports up to 30,000 projects at a time.

Per the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, companies similar to yours achieved the following benefits from Office 365 PPM

301% ROI

Increased PM performance and project throughput generated


Average increase in resource utilization maximizing productivity


Improved resource management


White paper: IT Demand Management Software Solutions Buyer’s Guide 

Demands on IT are growing exponentially. IT Departments are overwhelmed, juggling scarce resources to cope with a flooded pipeline of requests; frequently criticized for poorly performing products delivered late. It’s a familiar story of systemic breakdown between IT demand and supply in many organizations. It’s usually because they have no standard processes for generating, assessing and prioritizing intake, no way of seeing how projects are progressing in flight, and no accurate method for measuring value. 


You can address these issues with IT demand management software to take control. There are a lot of choices available, so assess ITDM tools carefully to find the right fit for your organization. Read more to learn seven factors you should put top of your agenda when considering your options and evaluating vendors. 

White paper: Innovation and Portfolio Management Office 

by Ivan Lloyd  

Business transformation is the lifeblood of every enterprise today. Without a constant flow of innovation, no company can expect to prosper – or even perhaps survive. Yet while many companies design great transformation strategies, how good is  their  delivery?  Is it time  to  replace  the  project management office with an integrated innovation power train that drives real change across the business? 

e-Book: Simplifying IT Demand Management – Guidance for IT Leadership 

Proactive, company-wide communication and the structural management of innovation processes ensures that you drive effective business value and that any changes  you make stick. This eBook will explore how a holistic view of IT demand and innovation management can enable improved communication between employees to future-proof your IT strategy.