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The 3 Ws to Successful BI for Project Management | Innovative-e
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The 3 Ws to Successful BI for Project Management

January 16, 2018

To help you decide How to build a BI solution that meets the many needs of your organization today and in the future, you need to answer the Why, What, and Who questions…

Know ‘Why’ you need BI

In the context of Project Management, the answer to ‘why do we need BI’ is often centered around better decision-making. Connect with the key decision makers and understand what information will empower them.

Understand ‘What’ you’re looking to do

BI is not one-size-fits-all as applied to project management. There are often core insights the organization wants to make available broadly or narrowly focused. Identify the different types of information to be captured and how it is entered/maintained.

Identify ‘Who’ needs it

Executives, Project Managers, project support analysts, and team members all have different needs from project management information. Document who needs access to what information, how they need access, and the frequency of updates desired.